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Infusion connectors include needleless connectors, heparin caps and three-way connectors. Needle-free joints can be divided into separate membrane joints and mechanical valve joints according to their internal mechanism; according to their functions, they can be divided into positive pressure joints, constant pressure joints and negative pressure joints. 1. The screw port should be designed to ensure the tight connection between the vascular access device and the infusion connector. 2. Needle-free connector should be used at the end of peripheral venous catheter. 3. It is advisable to choose a needleless connector with simple structure and transparent appearance to connect the catheter. 4. When pressurized infusion, the pressure range that the infusion connector can withstand should be evaluated. 5. The sequence of flushing, clamping and disconnecting the syringe should be determined according to the function type of the infusion connector. Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of needleless connectors. Safe, fast and simple needle-free injection field products are suitable for medical Needleless Injection Site applications. Also supply: syringe mould, safety needle mould, oxygen mask mould, needleless injection nozzle, vaginal expander mould and other Medical Mould . Welcome to check our product information:

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