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  • 13 Jul 2011
    It is just starting to hit home that we have moved into an antique mall. I'm thinking this is going to change my life...well, it already has. Starting with writer's cramp, I have not hand written that much in years. I'm pretty excited though and cannot wait until everything is moved in, tagged, and ready to go. One of the biggest changes is that we no longer have an online store over on ArtFire and the move has changed the face of our website.    It will no longer be a place to advertise things for sale although I am sure there will be some of that.  It is more about the journey of finding the story of an item.  We will also be having some guest posts as well as some internet only specials.  Although most of the specials will take place on Facebook.   Here is a sneak peek at our booth. We are located in Antique Station inside Victoria Village at 1108 1st Street, Snohomish, Washington.  We are located on the second floor in booth 517.
    2136 Posted by Daye Salander
  • 17 Sep 2011
    How many times have any of us been out, we see something and have not a clue what we are looking at but your gut tells you...this is something cool? No, it may not bring you thousands of dollars when you turn it, but it is just "something"?   A few weeks back we saw this figurine.  Now, when one uses the word "figurine" you would expect porcelain, bisque, etc., but not this one.  It was in some sort of plastic or resin or something.  No clue what but it was SO 60's or 70's that Mark and I could do nothing but buy it.   Note that when we bought her, there was no can - no hint of what she might be.  Although we noticed, we had not a clue with the indentations were for in the base and in the hair.   I mean, look at this, how could one resist buying her?   A couple of days later I had the chance to begin a little research on her and I found nothing. Nada. And believe me, in doing my Google search I saw some pretty interesting photos especially when you enter "girl" "cowboy boots" "vintage". I'm sure you can only imagine.   After some searching I came up blank and so there she sat, on the mantel and waited as we tried to figure out what she was, for obviously, we did not know what she was.   This past weekend we found ourselves at a swap meet and as we gathered treasures a good portion of the day, we saw her. In an instant it became clear what she was.   Of course she came home with us as well along with her girlfriend and another guy.  We could not resist.   Have not a clue yet on what they are worth or even if they are worth anything.  Have not had a chance to really research them yet.  But what we do know is that they are pieces of Americana and its coming to age.   On top of that, let's face it.  They are fun and sexy and just SO American.
    1880 Posted by Daye Salander
  • 03 Sep 2011
    This week I took a few days off and went to Seaside, Oregon for a few days.  Only about 250 miles from home but from my point of view it was the other side of the world.  While there I did some antiquing in Astoria, Gearheart, and Seaside but found nothing that just screamed at me "Take Me Home".  But, on the way home there was this garage sale and here are two brooch earring sets that were screaming even before I got there. There were three more sets that I did not buy but would have if they took Mastercard or Discover but I was not really planning on a garage sale on a Thursday in the middle of nowhere and my cash reserves were not what they should have been.  I did manage to whittle down her price to buy these two though and they are truly stunning.
    1284 Posted by Daye Salander
  • 10 Sep 2011
    In this new social world we live in, where we are expected to interact with our online following every day or two, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Coming up with fresh ideas at the drop of a hat ain’t easy my friends…not easy at all.<!--more-->This, of course, brings up the question, how do people do it?  How do they write and tweet every couple of days with new and interesting topics that interest their quote/unquote target market?  Well, I will tell you how…Remember way back when you had to tackle book reports in grammar school and how you absolutely dreaded the outline part?  I do.  I never understood why I could just sit down and write.  After all, I read the book and knew what was in it.  What I did not know at the time was that the outline was done so that you could organize your thoughts and hit the high points of the book.Okay, I can already hear you moaning…Noooooo, not an outline…!!!Yeah, that is exactly what I’m saying but you will be amazed at how much time it will save you and how much better your posts will be.  The saving grace of it all is that you do not have to follow your outline exactly. On some days you are going to be inspired to write about something else and there is no teacher leaning over your shoulder criticizing whether you follow your outline or not.This being said, I thought I would share some of my basic six month list with you. Although a generalist in many ways, these areas represent where I enjoy spending most of my time.  I love all antiques except maybe there are a few things where I just think “ewww”.  There will be other articles that have nothing to do with my outline but this outline provides me with instant ideas when I run dry with other things.  And that is the point…your outline provides you with specific things to write about when that blank page in front of you is SO empty.   Jewelry Identification  Identification Marks Construction Materials History Care Of Glassware History EAPG Opalescent Carnival Glass Art Glass Marks Wedgwood Jasperware History Marks
    1257 Posted by Daye Salander
Antiques - Collectibles 901 views Aug 30, 2011
New Adventures on the Oregon Coast

In the morning I'm taking off for a road trip to the Oregon coast.  I'm not even sure right now what town I will end up in, nor do I care.  All I really care about is sinking my toes into the sand and strolling for hours on endless beaches.


Of course that will bore me within a few hours and the urge to search for something will come upon me and the hunt will begin.  I have never antiqued on the Oregon coast so it should be interesting and I'm sure, quite the adventure.


In the past I have wandered through museums, gift shops and spend time dining and drinking wine while taking in the incredible views of the rocky coast.  This time will be different as my fingers run along the edges of a piece of glass or the smooth wood of furniture from yesteryears.


Okay, I can see that maybe a brisk walk on the beach early in the morning before the anitque shops open but the idea of maybe missing an incredible find will drive me from the beach into the darkest corners of the antique malls as I continue my trip as a lifetime.