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  • 29 Apr 2011
    Vender Tom Davis, from the Denver Brass Armadillo Antique Mall discovered an 1896, Frederick Remington bronze sculpture titled "The Wounded Bunkie".  The sculpture is owned by a local Arvada resident and was purchased 30 years ago.               "The Wounded Bunkie" was the second of Remington's sculptures directly following "Bronco Buster".  The sculpture depicts a wounded Calvary soldier being supported by a comrade while the horses are in full gallop.  It measures 20" by 29".  The two horses are supported by only one leg each and represent a substantial advance in Remington’s sculpting.  Though there is still research being done to prove the authenticity of this sculpture, it is believed to be an original piece and does have a foundry mark on the bottom front.  The foundry mark reads:  HENRY BONNARD BRONZE CO. FOUNDERS NY  1895 117 - 150  00 (the last two '00' are actually vertical in placement and slightly overlapping) For further information and or interest in this piece, please contact Tom Davis, Antiques Appraisal, at 303-877-1235.
    1331 Posted by Amie Martin
  • 08 Dec 2010
    Thank you all that joined us last night on the Gary Stover Hour!  I think the show went really well!  Mario Rivoli did a presentation on his collection and vast knowledge of Bakelite products.  They were all so beautiful and colorful and all so different!  Different colors, finishes, some sparkled and others with designs.  He told us how they were all made how to distinguish Bakelite from other plastics and even gave us a few ways to test it; sound, smell, color, etc.  Although it may not be worth as much here as it is in NY, it's still a unique item wherever you're located.  It could also make a wonderful gift for that special someone; unique and beautiful jewelry and a collectible all in one.  If you missed the show last night and are interested in learning more check out the archived version on site.  It should be posted in a few days.  Again, thank you so much to Mario and Gary for a wonderful show!
    948 Posted by Amie Martin
  • 17 Dec 2010
    We had the Christmas Party at the Denver Brass Armadillo last night.  I think it is safe to say that a fun time was had by all!  There was a big turn out and it was nice to mingle amongst the venders and employees taking pictures and celebrating the joy of the season together.  The food was fantastic and of course Santa was there...Christmas just wouldn't be the same without you!   Thank you to all that showed up, to the lovely ladies that prepared and served the food, to all the employees that helped it all run smoothly and of course to Scott, for making it all possible!  Happy Holidays to everyone from the Denver Brass Armadillo!
    870 Posted by Amie Martin
  • 30 Nov 2010
    We had Santa in at the Denver Brass Armadillo this last weekend (Thanksgiving weekend) for free pictures.  It was so much fun and Santa did an awesome job!  I think we had just as many adults come in to take pictures as we did children.  Saturday was probably our most successful day and it really helped to bring people into the store.  What a BUSY day for everyone!  If any of you were planning on doing Santa pics or were looking for ideas to bring people into your stores over the holidays I would strongly suggest inviting Santa in soon.  Happy Holidays to everyone!!
    782 Posted by Amie Martin
history 18,253 views Aug 31, 2011
American Culture Corner

Wee ParkLarge sculptures of four famous composers were an extraordinary find at auction for Dana Jensen, Vender 1, at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver.  They measure up to 27 inches tall and weigh as much as 90 lbs.  These sculptures were created by sculptor & pianist Wee Wuone Park, a Korean student at the University of Wyoming, and unveiled at a classical music concert in 1959.  Along with the original sculptures, Mr. Jensen also purchased hundreds of classical vinyl records.  Taped to the front of one of the record sleeves was a program of the concert with a photograph of Wee Park sitting at his piano and three of the four busts in the background.  Inside the sleeve was an LP record of that concert/unveiling in 1959.  In reviewing the program, Mr. Jensen made a discovery that helped him to realize how extraordinary his find was.


R.Russin's Lincoln BustPrinted within the program is a dedication by Wee Park to Robert Russin, "Distinguised Sculptor and Inspiring Teacher".  Robert Russin was not only a University of Wyoming professor where he taught Wee Park, but he was also an American sculptor and artist known for a number of public sculptures including the giant bust of Abraham Lincoln located near Laramie, Wyoming.  The bust of Lincoln and Park's busts were created in 1959.  The similarities of the work of teacher and student are remarkable.


Denver BAAM

The sculpted busts of Rachmaninoff, Bach and Beethoven have now found a resting place on display in what was referred to by another vender as the Denver Brass Armadillo's very own "Culture Corner".  This "Culture Corner" comes complete with beautiful display boxes created by the General Manager, Scott Gottula, and the music of the composers playing in the background. 


Beethoven Bronze CastThe Beethoven bust, originally sculpted with terra-cotta clay, has been cast in bronze by the world famous foundry, Broze Services Inc., in Loveland, Colorado.  Rachmaninoff, Bach and Brahms have not yet been cast.  The Beethoven bronze is currently for sale.  For more information on this piece or for future castings of the other three originals, please contact Dana Jensen at 720-878-2893 or the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver at 1-877-403-1677.