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Antiques - Collectibles 8,253 views May 30, 2011
Swan Antiques

Hello from MI,

 Antique Dan said I should write a blog, and as I'm new to all this new fangled teck stuff, you can blame him. Read Dan Bruns blog this morning about his adventure in opening his new antique mall, I can relate. We hope to open ours soon and have the grand opening the 4th of July weekend. I tripped over a dog  and fell down some steps on our stairs last night, right into a marble top comode that sits on the landing and knocked off a pitcher (it was OK), landed on my shoulder with the torn rotor cuff, and I'm quite stiff this morning, so I can relate to Dan. Good luck Dan, sounds like you are doing OK with with your place.

 We had tornadoes yesterday afternoon. Was working at the mall in Mason when it hit. My wife Kathi and I got down by the cash regester counter during the worst part. The warning bells went off about 20 minetes before the storm hit, so all the customes had left and the outdoors

 booths were closed up. Lots of trees and power lines down, had to detoure twice to git out of town. On the hwyway back to Eaton Rapids, an ambulance passed us, so we thought we would just follow it back to town. Wrong, a semi had been blown over, the road was closed, had to turn around agin, go a differnt way. Police didn't want people driving thru town because of down trees and power lines, so I hope our store is still there! Several homes were destored between Eaton Rapids and Charlotte. but our farm came thru it OK. Hate to see old trees go down.

 Our sales last week were way down, thought that with the hoiday, we would be gitting more tourest thur, but with gas prices, people might not have money for fuel and spending.

 This pc I'm useing is the pits, old and slow. Our good one is in the shop being cleaned up.

Till next time,


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  • Daye Salander
    Daye Salander Just to imagine falling down the stairs makes me hurt. Glad to hear you are okay although aches and pains are no fun.

    As for tornadoes...what a bother, eh? I will say that is the only thing I do not miss from the Midwest. Well, that and the...  more
    May 31, 2011
  • Martin & Aleta Curry
    Martin & Aleta Curry Yikes! Glad it wasn't worse! I can relate to the PC woes; we've just gotten a new one, it's great but none of my old software will work! :(
    June 3, 2011
  • Debi Bruns
    Debi Bruns Dang dog. Does he not realize you've got important things going on? I'm glad you weren't terribly hurt Dennis...and you did a great job on the blog. Looking forward to sharing more stories with you!
    June 3, 2011