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  • 28 Aug 2011
    We have a 100 year old 1/4 Grand Chickering Piano we'd like TO GIVE TO SOMEONE!!!!!They would have to pick up!!!!!Any takers?????      An antique store want it for your front window???? Call John--303-427-1795
    596 Posted by Marnie Allen
Antiques - Collectibles 676 views Jul 15, 2011
Free Piano

We have a 100 year old Chickering quarter grand piano for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just come and get it.   WE want the space and have not found a buyer.  WE even tried Historical Society and B&B's.   Live in Federal Heights, call John, 303-427-1795

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  • P J Dyon
    P J Dyon Federal Heights is in what state, near what big city
    July 17, 2011