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  • 23 Jan 2012
    I haven't even browsed E-bay in a long while. Probably because I am at the University of Wyoming holding an internship and classes. But I have been thinking about what I still need in my collection. And something that jumped to the front of the pack is Krang. He's worth a fortune but one of these days I may get him. Also, the Technodrome would be sweet to get. Again, money and right now that is low.   So many turtles to collect.   -Andres
    717 Posted by Andres Atencix
Antiques - Collectibles 639 views Aug 16, 2011
Being a Young Collector

Hey all,

I am new to the blog here. But I am not new to blogs in general.

I would love to say I had a blast doing 3 shows at the Brass Armadillo. I currently collect comics, graphic novels, and of course TMNT.

So with that here is an update.

I am back in Wyoming going to school.


If you have any questions about TMNT stuff or happen to have any collecting suggestions, I am all  ears.




Oh! And if you're bored and want to watch my shows they should all be on videos. The staff at Brass Armadillos is wonderful and thanks again for reading.

GO TMNT and comics!


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  • Bob Black
    Bob Black Glad to have you here Andres! that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? If so, they have been growing in popularity lately.
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