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  • 19 Jan 2011
    Another sale coming up on February 12th from 9am to 4pm and February 13th f rom 10am to 2pm. I have been to this sale several times. If you are in the Des Moines, IA area you want to check this out! They always have wonderful things with wonderful prices. The key is to get there early, I mean like an hour early because people will be lined up! You will want to have the means to haul away anything that you buy away at the time you buy it. I suggest taking cash, however, I did write a check once. Directions are: 20 Minutes from West Des Moines, IA Take I80 to Earlham exit 104 South on P57/Chestnut St 2 miles located in downtown Earlham. Put in on your calendar and have a great time.
    4313 Posted by Machelle Bryan
  • 26 Jun 2011
    Just wanted to let you all know that I finally met the "American Pickers" in their home town of LeClaire, Iowa! They are absolutely friendly and bug joksters! What you see on tv is what you get! They do love what they do!
    2172 Posted by Machelle Bryan
  • 01 Jan 2011
    I am sure that many of you are familar with the show on the history channel called American Pickers. I watch this show because I like to see what they find and what they profit potentially. I also believe that the show brings attention to the antique and collecting industry. I am curious as to what you think about the show and do you feel it has brought a positive light and awareness to the industry. I have also been a fan of The Antique Roadshow...well until I went to it in Des Moines Ia. I found that it is really a set up show and is not worth the time to take anything. The lines were so long and the feedback ( unless you had a high value item) was vague and quick at best. I guess I just disappointed about seeing the reality of the show. I have not watched it since.
    1532 Posted by Machelle Bryan
  • 22 Dec 2010
    Have you noticed that all things seashells are selling like mad in antique malls and stores across the US? I am not talking about the shells you can buy at a craft store but those that you have collected from the ocean yourself. It is a hot trend right now to use these shells to decorate everything from mirrors to dressers. It creates a great vintage look and makes great conversation pieces. You may have seen many seashell jewlery boxes as you wander about antique stores as well. These can be very collectible and some can be valued upwards of a thousand dollars. Personally I never pass one up! I research it and put a value on it and often times have made a nice profit. Pink hues are very popular right now to create that vintage shabby chic look. If you can pick up an antique piece of furniture at a decent price and find the shells you can make a pretty penny in the resale of it. A great website to check out for this is If you have made a piece or own some I'd love to hear about it.
    1205 Posted by Machelle Bryan
16,644 views Jan 28, 2011
Chicagoland Vintage Clothing, Jewelry and Textile

Check out this link for all the fabulous information! I have been to this sale/show several times and it hits it out of the park everytime!

When you get to the site click on UPCOMING SHOWS to see all the details!

Perhaps I will see you there.