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Why is it important to be involved in iAntique?

The industry has weathered several years of shifting enthusiasm, and several indicators are showing very positive activity in the world of antiques and collectibles.  Sales are indicating consumers are buying vintage items not only as collectibles, but for utilitarian purposes.  And antique stores are full of items Made In America; and people are buying more solid items and less from the ‘disposable products culture’.

Your involvement, means: (1) you are taking positive steps to rebuild the romance with antiques; (2) showing others your business in working to be more involved in the online world and part of an online community.  You’ll also be networking with other antique businesses that understand the need to be involved in the virtual world.

If you run an antiques business, you should understand that sharing your ideas, thoughts and tips to operating your business with others isn’t revealing secrets, it’s broadening the abilities of others in your industry.  The more places working to revitalize the antiques market is good for every store around.

We encourage strong outreach to younger antique collectors.  The future involves reaching new customers and collectors.  By taking your business outside your walls, you are able to reach a new group of people that may not have ever been to your store.

Remember, the new collectors of today, can be the antiques dealers of tomorrow. 

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