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  • Posted by: Daniel Briddle
  • Updated: October 28, 2012
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What iAntique can do in your antique mall or shop?

1.  Increase enthusiasm with your antique dealers.   For the most part, other than occasional sales; the daily activity in the antiques business is pretty basic.  Start a few new activities and see interest start to grow.  

The time is ripe for the rebirth of excitement to this industry.  We’ve seen it happen already.

2.  In antique malls, dealer enthusiasm seems to equal better merchandise from the dealers.

3.  What benefit is making short videos in our store / mall ?  This is actually one of the more fun activities.  We found that just making the videos, grabs people’s attention.  You’ll be asked ‘What are you doing?’, ‘Whats it for’, ‘Where can I see it?’  Collectors love seeing what other people collect.  Plus, with the popularity of social networking, people are spending more time on the Internet looking at topics they are interested in.

We’ve found that doing a combination of booth tour videos, item specific videos and even workshops generates a lot of interest. 

4.  What about listing items for sale on iAntique?  Here’s another great example of working in view of your customers / dealers.  As you begin using iAntique’s free classifieds system to list items for sale online, dealers and customers see your efforts and not only acknowledge your positive actions, but will actually share with other dealers and potential customers of whats going on in your store.

5.  Allows networking between stores.

6.  Classifieds

7.  Dealers bring in better quality of merchandise when they feel  good about what is going on in the store.  Dealers see there is positive things going on to sell / promote their merch.

8.  Changes in dealer attitude -  to more  positive.  Dealers are able to communicate with other dealers in their area of collecting.

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