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  • Posted by: Daniel Briddle
  • Updated: October 28, 2012
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What steps can an antique mall or store take to become involved with iAntique online activities?

1. Identify equipment to be involved in live events / chats.
2. Create test classifieds.
3. Call a meeting with your dealers and explain to them how these activities will create new interests & enthusiasm.
4.  Schedule a live event to broadcast from your location.  Have a camera-friendly collector to give a ten or fifteen minute talk on what they collect.
5.  Begin listing items in the classifieds.  See the attached information about how to list items with the best success.
6.  Create a few booth tour videos each week.  Find that ‘on-camera’ person that is knowledgeable and enjoys talking about antiques.  Don’t forget to create these videos during business hours - customers love to see things happening.  And don’t be shy about talking to customers about iAntique - by continuing their collecting interests after visiting, they will become stronger customers.
7.  Schedule workshops & host live, online events.  Give customers a reason to come back to your store, and you will give new customers a reason to visit.

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