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    • July 5, 2017 5:27 PM CDT
    • This was hanging in my grandfather's house my uncle who was an art dealer gave it to him.  I am trying to find out anything about it since both members of my family are deceased

    • July 27, 2015 10:45 AM CDT
    • We recently acquired this painting that kind of reminds us of dark Chagall, but isn't.

      We don't know who it is -- can you help?  Along with the signature seems to be 63 -- so we're assuming it is 1963.

    • May 5, 2013 9:19 PM CDT
    • I just watched one of the best programs on TV that I've ever seen. It was entitled "Fake or Fortune," & it was on PBS. It was the segment in which Philip Mould worked to uncover a Van Dyck, which was painted over by an 18th century portrait. If you can catch this episode, it might change your life. After watching it, you'll know more about painting restoration than most specialists in New York & London. If you're at all interested in dealing in paintings, it will be more valuable to your career than visiting the Louvre, Uffizi & the Prado combined. If you are able to see it, please let us know what you think. Gary

    • June 29, 2012 1:28 AM CDT
    • I have a vintage western cartoon print by McKay. At the bottom it says, ""Don't you ever want to go to a big city?"." It measures 12"x 8".


      Has anyone ever heard of this artist? Does anyone know any other information on this print?

    • February 22, 2012 9:34 PM CST
    • My husband and I are searching for some artwork for our dining room.  I believe we have agreed on the "Lords Supper".  The only thing is our space is really limited where it needs to go and we have roughly 3'-4' in length and only approximately 13"-15" in heighth where we want to put it.  This is one of the reasons for the choice we made, considering most I have seen are longer and shorter pieces.  I have seen a number of them on E-Bay and a few on Craig's List, but nothing yet that quite fits what I want.  I don't want one of those which appears brightly colored, I prefer the ones which portray more muted colors.  Also, there are so many out there, and about  half of the ones I have seen don't have the right look to them.  Many of them appear as really poor fakes and I am looking for a really good fake, just not horribly expensive :)