Building A Collection In Today's World
Posted February 27, 2013 | 0 favorites
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The classic way of building a collection has been to buy items as you found them, as long as their condition & rarity allowed you the opportunity of selling them when you found a better example. For example, you might buy a Grade 5 comic book or a late 19th century Sevres vase, and then when you found the same comic in a Grade 8 or an early 19th century Sevres vase, you could sell the first piece, usually at a profit or at least breakeven, & then buy the better example. You've probably noticed that that strategy doesn't work anymore because the value of Grade 5 comics & late 19th century Sevres has declined dramatically over the years & now almost nobody wants the mediocre pieces. Meanwhile, the top examples have soared in value. I can see no reason why these trends won't remain in place. But there is a way out.
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