Gary Stover Hour- Magazines and Newspapers
Posted June 19, 2013 | 0 favorites
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Not a week passes that someone doesn't ask Gary Stover if their copy of a Nov. 23, 1963, or a June 7, 1944, or a September 12, 2001 newspaper isn't worth a lot of money. Conversely everybody seems surprised when a pick out an old magazine, like the Craftsman we profiled in the last $100 Bargain Show, to demonstrate an under-priced item. Fact is, the newspaper publishers recognized at the time that momentous events like the JFK assassination or D-DAY were so important that they printed many more copies than usual. Result is that newspapers on the day following important events normally don't command high prices--$5-10 at most, while rare magazines & newspapers can be valued in the $1,000's. After all, we know that certain comic books can be worth into the $millions. In this episode Gary be profiling some of the rare & valuable newspapers & magazines, so that the next time you go to an estate sale or are looking through old issues at the antique mall, you'll know to look for certain names & issues. Hint--age is almost never the most important criterion.
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