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Gary Stover Presents Growth of the Auction Business
Posted October 9, 2013 | 0 favorites
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Reliable statistics are not available, but my guess is that in $ value terms 90%+ of the art & antiques sold today is sold at auction. When I started in this business more than 40 years ago, I think that the total volume sold at auction was less than 10%. I believe that far greater sums are spent on art & antiques today than 40 years ago, but if you mainly buy & sell in shops & at shows, then you probably missed this trend. I've done 2 previous shows on auctions, "Buying at Auction" in August 2010 and "Advanced Auction Techniques" in July 2011. Both those shows are in the Videos archive (search "Auction"), but the relentless trend towards the use of the auction format has only accelerated since those shows were done. In Tuesday's show, then, I'll address how today to use auctions to buy & sell at profit. If you're in this business and plan to stay in it, I think you'll have no choice but to use auctions effectively to survive and profit.
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