Gary Stover Presents The Designs of the Empress Dowager T'Zu Hsi with Chris Yvez
Posted November 2, 2013 | 0 favorites
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On July 30, 2013 presented "Imperial Chinese Art: Ching Dynasty," a program in which Chris Yvez described and showed a small, but spectacular, portion of his world class collection of Chinese art & antiques. On Saturday, November 2, 2013 Chris will be back on iAntique to unveil more pieces from his collection of Chinese art, this time concentrating on the calligraphy, paintings, and porcelain designed by the Empress Dowager, T'zu Hsi (Cixi). In the earlier program Chris did show 3 incredible pieces designed by T'zu Hsi: a priceless gold cloisonne vase, a robe woven in k'o-ssu, and one of her paintings. In this November 2 program Chris will focus on the Empress Dowager's life through the progression of art in the Empire she ruled. She influenced not only the daily life of the Chinese people but also the art of the country through her own tastes. Was this famous and powerful woman a despot, a blood-thirsty tyrant or a liberator of women, a charming poised and passive woman who wanted nothing more than for her country and herself to be left in solitude? Chris will address this subject through a detailed examination of her art. The July 30 show on the Ching dynasty is already one of the most popular programs ever presented on iAntique. We expect that this November 2 show will equal it. In coming months Chris will return to the Stover Hour every first Saturday to discuss additional elements of his extraordinary collection, to include Imperial jade, ivory, porcelain, textiles, and paintings.
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