Gary Stover Presents Forney Museum of Transportation
Posted November 15, 2013 | 0 favorites
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On this episode of the Gary Stover Hour, Gary will feature a visit to the world famous Forney Museum of Transportation in Denver, CO. Come see some of the rarest classic cars, one of the 8 Big Boy locomotives, a huge Case steam tractor from 1923, the Timme Motorcycle Collection, a special exhibit of Ford F-Series pickups. There are 100's of classic cars, but a few of the highlights are: Amelia Earhart's Gold Bug Kissel (a speedster designed in 1919), a 1934 Pierce Arrow, an incredible electric car from 1916, a 1923 Hispano Suiza (I guarantee you've never seen anything to compare to this!), a 1967 Amphicar (it's amphibious!), a 1941 Packard with all the bells & whistles, and many more. The Executive Director of the Museum, Mr. Christophe Kheim, tells us the history of this remarkable collection & sets the stage for our journey through this huge space filled with some of the most important vehicles in America. You won't want to miss this adventure.
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