Pepsi Collectibles- Antiques with Gary Stover
Posted April 3, 2015 | 0 favorites
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Pepsi-Cola plays second fiddle to Coke as a collectible, but we've found some interesting & valuable Pepsi collectibles at the Mall, and in this Sunday's show we'll share them with you. We start at the L & M Cafe, that place in the Mall where everyone eventually finds himself (or herself), and there's good reason for that! If you're going to spend several hours looking at the antiques (and you need that amount of time to see everything), then you'll want to stop in for a coffee or lunch or afternoon tea, won't you? Linda, who owns and runs the Cafe, takes us on a tour highlighting the many Pepsi collectibles that adorn her walls. Then, we search the booths and showcases in the Mall for collectible Pepsi memorabilia, and we do find some great items. For instance, there's a Mountain Dew tin sign from 1966 (yes, it's a Pepsi collectible), that just sold for $439.
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