19th Century Illustrated Newspapers - Antiques with Gary Stover
Posted December 29, 2015 | 0 favorites
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Those forerunners of today's tabloids, the 19th century illustrated newspapers, were the common man's way of learning about the world. Beginning with the Illustrated London News in Britain in 1842 and continuing with Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper & Harper's Weekly in the U.S. beginning in the 1850's, these newspapers provided not only news, but short stories, cartoons, and most importantly for us collectors, illustrations, that show us how the 19th century American saw the world. I've selected 6 illustrations: 3 from Harper's, 1 from Frank Leslie, 1 from the Illustrated London News, and 1 from Collier's to use as examples to demonstrate how dealers today market these historic images, almost all of which were hand colored wood engravings (not photographs, even though photography was invented in 1839).
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