Proving Rules 2 & 4 - Antiques with Gary Stover
Posted March 8, 2016 | 0 favorites
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Rule 2 is "Having 1 collectible valued at $10,000 is better than having 10 collectibles valued at $1,000 each..." and Rule 4 is "Never buy what you like." In several recent shows I've tried to demonstrate Rule 2 by profiling recent sales in Roseville pottery and stoneware crocks, but I was thinking that many of you would have thought those examples extreme and almost impossible to duplicate. So, in this week's show I've tried to demonstrate those 2 rules using more reasonably priced examples-- Gustave Baumann woodcuts and Birger Sandzen woodcuts and linocuts. And I've thrown in a few other examples for good measure. Oh, a question for all you "I Buy What I Like" people out there, How's business? Does the world also like what you like?
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