Relics of the Passion of Christ Part 2 - Antiques with Gary Stover
Posted March 24, 2016 | 0 favorites
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. A couple of years ago Chris presented more than 15 relics of the Passion that had been handed down to him from his ancestors, the French Royal Family of Valois and Bourbon. Some of them had come into his family at the time of Louis IX! Now in our program this week Chris will present and describe 8 additional relics housed in fabulous antique reliquaries, to include: earth stained with the tears of St. Peter, a fragment of the purple robe of the Lord's crowning of thorns, a fragment from the tunic of Argenteuil, a fragment from the rope used to bind the Lord, a fragment of marble from the Scala Sancta... If you haven't seen Relics of the Passion of Christ I, then please take this opportunity of viewing it prior to the show tomorrow. It's in the Videos section--search "Relics." Thousands have watched that show on iAntique & on YouTube, and the response has been extraordinarily positive.
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