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Interview with Sean Tourangeau, USS Titan Creator
Posted June 27, 2016 | 0 favorites
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Interviewing USS Titan creator Sean Tourangeau. Check out his work at the links below: From wikipedia: "The Luna-class was designed by Sean Tourangeau. Tourangeau entered his design into the Starship Titan Design Contest held by Simon & Schuster, Inc., which was held in order to obtain a ship design for the Star Trek: Titan series of novels. Because the Luna design has not been featured on-screen, it is not canon; however, the Titan's mention in Star Trek Nemesis means that the existence of the ship is. In Decipher, Inc.'s Star Trek Customizable Card Game, the Titan is identified as a Prometheus-class starship. However, the Luna class is in Star Trek Online, as one of three designs used for the Tier 5 Reconnaissance Science Vessel."
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