Exceptional Bargains - Antiques with Gary Stover
Posted March 26, 2017 | 0 favorites
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I thought I would do a Bargains in the Mall show similar to the ones I do every few months, but when I started looking I found 4 or 5 pieces that I thought were so outstanding that I decided to profile just these pieces instead of the usual 10-12 items I find. Spend a little more time with each of these in the time we have for the program. So, what did I find that's so special? Well, you'll just have to tune in to get the details, but here are some clues: ever hear of the Kookaburra pattern?, what about a bird dog planter?, what about an architect named Paul Letarouilly?, ever try to compare Van Briggle with Grueby or Teco head to head? If any of this sound intriguing to you, tune in. Gary http://www.iantique.com/videos http://www.brassarmadillo.com/shop/denver-co/
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