Updates on Recent Shows - Antiques with Gary Stover
Posted May 9, 2017 | 0 favorites
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A few months I did a show in which I started a project to determine whether postcard prices had declined over the past several years. In this week's program I'll update you on what I've found. The original show was very popular, and several people have asked me how it turned out. Some post card dealers have questioned whether Carl Weber's take on the market, ie that it had tanked, was correct. Please tune in for where I think things stand. Also, there have been developments in some of the other recent shows I've done, so I'll update you on those programs, ie Candlewick, Wyatt Earp photo, etc. Gary Has The Market for Postcards Tanked? - http://www.iantique.com/videos/7/2230/has-the-market-for-postcards-tanked-antiques-with-gary-stover Candlewick by Imperial Glass - http://www.iantique.com/videos/7/2189/candlewick-by-imperial-glass-antiques-with-gary-stover Hidden Treasures of the Black Range - http://www.iantique.com/videos/7/2000/hidden-treasures-of-the-black-range-antiques-with-gary-stover Possible Early Photo of Wyatt Earp - http://www.iantique.com/videos/7/2159/possible-early-photo-of-wyatt-earp-antiques-with-gary-stover http://www.iantique.com/videos http://www.brassarmadillo.com/shop/denver-co/
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