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How to Repair and Retore Broken Pottery / Ceramic
Posted January 6, 2013 | 0 favorites
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For further details, visit: We have received inquiries based on from our repairing pottery basic lesson asking how to repair more complex broken art (ceramics, pottery, china, wood) when some pieces are missing, hiding the repair lines and coloring is required. Some of the answered questions in this video are: A) How to fill in missing pieces? B) How to give the repaired item strength? C) How to hide repair line? D) How to restore color, luster and recreate the antique look? To illustrate the process, the video illustrates a recent restoration project. Before you get started, note that for an experienced person with all the proper tools and material, this repairs took 3-4 hours beginning to end (not counting "waiting to cure" time). So make sure you budget your time and do not have to stop in the middle of some important time dependant tasks.
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