Rule 8 Never Trust the Experts

  • At the conclusion of every year of my doing shows on antiques I put forth for your consideration a rule to guide antique dealers. I'm late with this year's rule (our anniversary comes in May), but I'm glad I waited, as recent events have caused me to revise an earlier rule and to formulate a rule that addresses a pattern of behavior that has become all pervasive in our industry. My old Rule 3 was "You can beat anybody at this game, but you can't beat Christie's and Sotheby's." I've revised that rule to "You can beat anybody at this game." Rule 8 is "Never trust an expert." And I mean NEVER EVER TRUST AN EXPERT. Rule 7 was "Always seek a second opinion." That no longer is enougn. Old boys and girls networks in every category have banded together in an attempt to cover up past mistakes by saying new technology doesn't work. "Trust me, not science." There are ways around this, and we'll discuss them in this week's program.