Year End Review

  • At the end of each year we do a program devoted to developments in the antiques business and, more specifically, things that we have noticed in our business at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver, Colorado. This year's program is a little different. Instead of us filling you in on what we learned, we're asking our viewers to tell us what you think of the way we've handled the many changes that have affected the antiques business. This show takes you on a tour of our facility, and along the way we'll show you how we do business. I bet all of you could help us become better at what we do, just by pointing out things you think we do right and things you think we could improve. The person who can come forward and tell us how better to attract young people to the Mall will garner our everlasting appreciation! The person who can tell us how better to make use of all the new technologies can put us on your resume for a job in Silicon Valley! We'll give you an outstanding recommendation.