What's a Good Painting? (I)

  • If beauty's in the eye of the beholder, then how does any one person decide what's a good painting? Actually many people decide jointly--it's called the marketplace. There are a few great paintings that almost everyone would agree on, and we'll start this show by looking closely at them for clues to guide us when we consider others not in that illustrious group. Also, there are some rules of thumb passed on from one generation of art dealers to another, but are these "rules" outdated? What about changes in taste? Once you decide that a painting is good, how do you value it? Are all paintings of a famous artist uniformly good, so that no matter what, the price/sq. in. should be comparable from one work to another? We conclude this show with an examination of what I consider to be a good painting, but the marketplace has not yet weighed in. What do you think?