Anecdotes (War Stories)

  • I thought I'd tell a few tales about some of the humorous and not so humorous events in my life as an antique dealer (none of them were that humorous at the time!) Have you ever taken a piano out of a basement into a back yard, over a fence & into a park at night? How about driving a broken down school bus laden with furniture over the Alps, ie part way over the Alps? Just think how interesting it would be to be caught in the inside lane of the circle around the Arc de Triompe driving that broken down school bus and not being able to exit L'Etoile? These are just some of the highlights of my existence trying to make a living out of buying & selling antiques. Who would do this?? Every once in a while things actually do work out, and we all know that there's treasure at the end of the rainbow. That's why we do this, isn't it?