The Look of the 1940's

  •  In Tuesday's show I'll be talking about The Look of the 1940's. Seems to me that we think of the '20's as the Deco decade, the '30's as the Depression Era, the '50's as Mid-Century Modern, but the 1940's is largely undefined. It's the forgotten decade. Half of it was taken up by WWII, and I think that what a lot of us think of as "40's is really 30's or '50's. I'll bring some stuff from the period, and we can chat about it. I went through the things I had, and I found that I had almost nothing from the 1940's. Let's see if we can define what the '40's represents to us today. Hope you can join me at the usual time, 6PM MST, 7PM CST for this week's show. Gary