Images From Japan

  •  We've all been watching the images from Japan over the past few days with horror, the devastating impact of the earthquake & tsunami. In Tuesday's show I thought we could look at more pleasant & beautiful images from this Island nation. My wife & I have collected a variety of Japanese objects over the years, woodblock prints, ceramics, Noguchi lamps, etc. and we currently have several old woodblock prints in our inventory at the Brass Armadillo. I am definitely not an expert on Japanese art or collectibles, so we'll be looking at these things purely from an aesthetic perspective, albeit a Western aesthetic. Hope you can join me for this week's chat, which will be webcast at the usual time, 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT, and 1AM Wednesday Irish time (which might be Greenwich Mean Time?--be careful, Colm, we changed to daylight savings time on Sunday in the US, and I don't know whether Europe also changed). Gary