JFK Assassination

  •  With tonight's show we begin a month-long examination of the JFK Assassination, culminating on May 24 with the appearance of Mary Moorman at the Brass Armadillo in Denver. Mary was the spectator closest to the Presidential limousine at the time of the fatal head shot, and she took, perhaps, the most famous still photograph of the 20th century, at the exact moment of that shot. In the background of her photo is the grassy knoll, and in blowups of that photo some have found evidence of a gunman, the famous "Badge Man." Mary's appearance will mark the very first time that she has granted an extensive interview on the events of that day. She still owns her famous photo, as well as others she took on November 22, 1963. Leading up to her appearance in 3 weeks time, we will have shows providing background to our viewers, many of whom, of course, were not even alive in 1963. In tonight's show I'll be interviewing Josh Miller, a fellow dealer at the Brass Armadillo in Denver, who knows Mary Moorman & was our contact in arranging for her appearance here. Josh is a long-time JFK assassination buff & a camera expert. He will talk to us about some of the cameras and photos important to our understanding of that fateful day. If you have access to the hard copy of "The Mountain States Collector,"  a monthly newspaper for the antiques trade, check out the May issue, which leads with a story on the development of iantique.com and our one year anniversary program, featuring Mary Moorman. You can also access the story at www.mountainstatescollector.com--this morning I checked and the April issue is still the latest online. I'm sure the May issue will be up in a day or 2. Hope you can join us for all episodes. Tonight's with Josh will be very interesting. 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT for our live chat. Gary