•  In Tuesday's chat we ask, "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?" Following on last week's show which featured Josh Miller discussing some of the cameras important to the story of the JFK Assassination, this week we look at Oswald's life story--his difficult childhood, his time in the Marines, his defection to the Soviet Union, his return to Texas & New Orleans, his possible trip to Mexico, his associations, including perhaps most importantly his life with his wife, Marina, and his friendship with George De Mohrenschildt, and his final days. I hope in this way we can provide some background for our interview on May 24 with Mary Moorman. For those of you who have already immersed yourselves in the literature and think you might want to skip this week's and next week's show because it will be old hat, I think I can promise you that there will be a thing or 2 on Tuesday that will be new to you. Also, I want to thank those of you who have submitted questions for Mary--great questions, all of them, and they will be asked of her. For Tuesday's show, no need to ask questions in advance. It will be our traditional chat, and questions are welcomed during the show itself. Hope you can join us tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Gary