If Oswald Didn't Do It, Who Did?

  •  Rogue elements of the U.S. Intelligence network, possibly CIA; Division 5 of the FBI; the Mob; the Secret Service; rogue elements of the Dallas Police force; LBJ; right wing oil barons from Texas; the KGB; Castro; anti-Castro Cubans; Permindex; Kerry Thornley; Sparky Rubenstein; the guy who got into the Nash Rambler station wagon; Roscoe White; Mac Wallace; Robert Wilfred Easterling; Sam Giancana; Carlos Marcello; Jimmy Hoffa; Zed; Ed Clark; Ruth Ann; Felipe Vidal Santiago; Alpha 66; Antonio Veciana; DRE; David Atlee Phillips; Maurice Bishop; Richard Case Nagell (no, he was in jail at the time); Richard Case Nagell's double; Jimmy Frattiano; Joseph Milteer; E. Howard Hunt; H. L. Hunt; Clint Murchison; Loran Hall; Lawrence Howard; David Ferrie; the guy in puce; Clay Shaw; Clem Bertrand; Christian David; Lucien Sarti; Jean Rene Souetre; Saul; Johnny Roselli; Eugene Hale Brading; Charles Nicoletti; Donald Wayne Hicks; the umbrella man; the guy next to the umbrella man; Gilberto Policardo Lopez; Slim Givens; Joe Rodriguez Moiina; Loy Factor; Frank Sturgis; Alexander Rorke, Jr.; L. J. McWillie; William Greer; J.Edgar Hoover; Cliff Carter; the great granddaughter of John Wilkes Booth (included in the interest of gender fairness); the Badge Man; Number Five Man; Santos Trafficante; George Mandel; Guy Bannister; Ed Peters; Ed Butler; Gerry Hemming; the person in the burqa (included in the interest of possible gender fairness & definite religious fairness); John Thomas Masen; William Seymour; Curtis Laverne Crafard; Luis Castillo; James Files; Eladio del Valle; Sergio Arcacha Smith; David Sanchez Morales; Charles Harrelson; Emilio Santana; the 30th of November Group; Orlando Bosch; John Martino; Charles Rogers; James Hicks; Frenchy; Larry Florer. Well, they all couldn't have done it, could they? Unfortunately in a 1-hour show I won't have time to discuss all of these nefarious characters, but I'll pick out a few of my favorites, and if you have any personal favorites, yourselves, tune in & ask about them. We're on at the usual time, 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM Dallas Time, 8PM EDT for our weekly chat on Tuesday. Hope you can join us. Gary