Finding Bargains for Under $100

  • Due to popular demand I've decided to do one of these "Finding Bargains in the Mall for Under $100" shows once a month, so this coming Tuesday I'll spend the afternoon looking through all the booths, then in the evening chat I'll show you what I've found. Those of you who watched the last one of these know that I give  viewers a few days before I buy anything myself--you waited too long last time, and I went back in and bought the Dunton etching! My wife, who's been in the business of buying & selling vintage clothes for many years says that the Mall has at present a world-class selection of vintage clothes for sale. In fact, she says that she's never seen better quality & prices since a show she went to in New York more than 15 years ago. So, I'm going to ask her to pick out some of these items that we can consider on Tuesday. Hope you can join the chat at 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT Tuesday. Gary