The Market for Western American Art

  • The calendar for Western Art begins in February with the Autry Museum Masters of the American West Exhibition & Sale, then it's on to March in Montana, then Scottsdale in April, Denver in June, the Prix de West at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Center June-Aug, Coeur de Alene in Reno in July, Jackson Hole in September, culminating then in November with the Santa Fe Art Auction. It's a full time job just keeping up! In Tuesday's show we'll look at the Western Art category as a proxy for the art market in general, whether the art market mirrors the market for antiques, discuss what has happened to all of these markets since the glory days of 5-8 years ago, and what are recent trends. In particular, I'll examine the results of the Jackson Hole auction this September to see what it signals for this coming weekend's auction in Santa Fe. I participate in all these events, usually as a seller, sometimes as a buyer, and I believe that my involvement in this category has given me real insights that have helped me to navigate other markets, including antiques. In fact, I think that if anyone had been paying attention to the results of the Santa Fe Art Auction in November 2007, then you would have been aware that a crunch was coming to all markets in 2008. Hope you can join me at the usual time on Tuesday at 5PM PST, 6PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM PST. Gary