Iantique Auctions Vs Ebay

  • Now that we've got auction functionality and our content is getting into the search engines in a matter of a few days, I think that we offer a very viable alternative to ebay auctions, Buy It Now, and classifieds. At this point their are pluses and minuses to both iantique and ebay auctions, and in Tuesday evening's chat I want to explore the similarities and differences. I've begun transitioning my entire ebay business away from a reseller that I've used for years to iantique, and I now have 44 items listed in the auction format and 41items in the Classifieds. The more we list, the more potential members will be drawn to our site. At some point, probably very soon, we'll reach critical mass, and our content, membership, and sales thru the auctions/classifieds will expand dramatically. Please tune in for our weekly chat at the usual time--Tuesday at 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST, as we discuss how to move our community forward. Gary