Classified Ads Show

  • Ski & I will host our monthly Classified Ads Show (also to include items listed in the Auctions) this Saturday at the usual time, 10AM PST, 11AM MST, Noon CST, 1PM EST. I've selected a number of recently placed classifieds and auctions, and we'll discuss the attributes of these pieces. If you have any things listed that you would like for Ski & me to profile, please send me a message, and we'll include it in the show. Also, a half hour after the Classifieds Show, we're holding a free Appraisal Day at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver, so if you're in the area, bring in a maximum of 2 items per person for appraisal. For those of you who've caught our earlier shows, you know what a wealth of information Ski holds and how open he is in giving his opinions. If you haven't seen Ski, you've missed a real opportunity for insights into almost every category of antiques. You can see him in the Classifieds Show, at the Appraisal if you're local to Denver, and we'll probably try to stream the Appraisal Day event live, in which Ski will also participate. Hope everyone can join us in the chat room. Gary