Why Antiques?

  • Have you seen the new Woody Allen film, "Midnight in Paris?" Owen Wilson is writing a novel about a man who works in a "nostalgia shop." This is a real joke to Owen's fiancee and her parents, who think that nothing could be worse than something old--who needs nostalgia in 21st century America? We're looking to the future. But is that all that antiques are about--nostalgia for bygone times? In Tuesday's chat we'll explore many of the reasons that antiques are relevant in today's world. I'm sure all of you have many reasons for liking antiques & many routes you followed to become so involved that you signed onto iantique.com. Join us in the chat room to discuss why antiques matter. Maybe we'll make such a strong case that at the end of the hour we won't be asking, "Why Antiques?"--we'll be asking the naysayers, "Why Not Antiques?" We're on at the usual time, Tuesday at 5PM PST, 6PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM EST. Hope you can join us. Gary