Afraid to Give Away Your Secrets?

  • I'm sitting in the Ikea restaurant, having just finished my free breakfast of bacon, eggs & fried potatoes, and I'm trying to think of an excuse I can give my wife for staying on til the 99?? pasta lunch is served. Also crossing my mind is the question, why do people in the antiques business think they've got better ideas about marketing than the Ikea's & Costco's of this world, who spend millions on consumer research. Ikea accepts returns on mattresses!! for 90 days. They sell "as is" items for 50% off. Does anyone really think the American consumer is going to pay an entrance fee to go to a show to buy something? What century is this business operating in? Check out the forum "Marketing Ideas and Social Media", in particular the topic "Afraid to Give Away Your Secrets?". And don't miss our chat 2 weeks ago, where Scott gave us better insight into the antiques business than you'll ever get anywhere else--it's already up in the Video archive. In Tuesday's chat we'll discuss strategies to bring antiques retail into the 21st century. Please join us in the chat room or online at the usual time, Tuesday at 5pm PDT, 6pm MDT, 7pm CDT, 8pm EDT. Gary