Classifieds Ads Show & Frank Lloyd Wright

  • As we previously announced, the monthly Classified Ads Show has moved from Saturday to Tuesday. Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be our first show at the new time: 3:30 PM PDT, 4:30 PM MDT, 5:30 PM CDT, 6:30 PM EDT. Our weekly Antiques Hour Show will then follow at the usual time, 1/2 hour after the close of the Classifieds Show. Check out Amie Martin's recent blog for an update on the success of selling using our Classifieds. Ski & I will be selecting & discussing items from the listings in Tuesday's show. Items chosen will receive the added exposure that the Show provides. If any of you would like for us to discuss an item that you have listed or that you have an interest in, please send me a message before the Show, and we'll include it. In the 6PM MDT Show, we'll have a look at some documents, including architectural plans & drawings associated with a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Where in the world does Ski find this stuff? Do you have any idea of the value of drawings done by the Master? You'll have to tune in to find out what Ski's unearthed. Hope everyone can join us for both shows. Gary