Antique Furniture--Have Prices Bottomed?

  • It's no secret that antique furniture prices have been declining for years. Victorian "brown furniture" has been particularly hard hit, but even good quality 18th century American has suffered. We'll look at the trends in pricing over the years. Guess what? When I started in the business 40 years ago anything Victorian, furniture or otherwise was looked down on, and pieces could be bought for a song. Then the 1980's & '90's saw prices rise. But then, what happened? In Tuesday's show we'll consider: how closely is a recovery in antique furniture prices tied to a housing recovery?; how have the quality woods, like rosewood, fared in comparison to oak & walnut?; how much difference does factory made vs hand-crafted make?; have prices for pieces by recognized designers & firms done better than pieces by unknown makers?; has the internet changed the paradigm forever?; do the changes in prices for new furniture closely parallel changes in prices for antique furniture?; does the French, then American, then German, then British hierarchy still prevail?; how important is "style"? We'll use examples out of my current inventory to consider how these & other factors have affected values, and if you stay with us til the bitter end (the show lasts an hour), then I'll tell you where prices are going in the future. All opinions guaranteed!!! Join us at the usual time, Tuesday at 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Gary