Classified Ads Show + Native American Artifacts

  • Join us in the chat room or online Tuesday afternoon for 2 shows: first Ski & I will be discussing items listed for sale on iantique in our monthly Classified Ads Show, then half an hour later we'll be back to look at some of Ski's incredible Native American collectibles--truly a world class collection put together by one of the country's most knowledgeable experts in the field. Let me know beforehand if there are any items in the Classifieds that you would like for us to discuss, and we'll include them. We'll also bring you up to date on the success of the Classified Listings. The Classified Ad Show lasts an hour and begins on Tuesday at 3:30PM PDT, 4:30PM MDT, 5:30PM CDT, 6:30PM EDT, then the show on Native American Artifacts will begin half an hour after the first show ends, ie. at our usual time on Tuesday. This will be a truly unique opportunity to discuss Native American baskets, pottery, stone artifacts, etc. with a guy who's spent his life buying and selling in this space. For myself, I've never gone into this field, and I'm really looking forward to learning what to look for from the most adept collector of Native American materials that I've ever met. Don't miss it. Hope everyone can join us on Tuesday. Gary