Staffordshire Pottery

  • In Tuesday's show we'll consider the history, attributes, and collectibility of Staffordshire pottery. This great antique category encompasses the, mainly mass produced, wares from the Staffordshire area of the English midlands. Its center (or should I say, "centre"?) is the market town, industrial center, of Stoke-on-Trent, but Staffordshire pottery was also produced in the surrounding towns of Burslem, Tunstall, Hanley, Longton, & Fenton. Some of the famous factories are Minton, Wedgwood, & Doulton, but over the course of the 300 years that this pottery has been produced, there have been hundreds of individual potteries. Join us in the chat room on Tuesday at the usual time, 5 PM PST, 6 PM MST, 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST when we'll look at a dozen or so examples. In the meantime check out the Classifieds, search Staffordshire, for a few examples that are listed for sale. See you Tuesday, Gary