How to Care For & Repair Antiques

  • In Tuesday's show Ski & I will discuss How to Care For & Repair Antiques. Ski is the most hands-on & accomplished antiques expert that I've met in my 40+ years in the business. We discuss how to care for all classes of metals--brass, bronze, copper, silver, plate, etc; how to care for & repair furniture woods; how to repair pottery & porcelain; how to care for paper, including prints & ephemera; techniques for avoiding sun damage; cleaning of antique carpets; and we'll also discuss what NOT to do, what NOT to restore or overly clean. We taped this show in advance, so, unfortunately, they'll be no audience input, but after watching the show, if any of you do have questions, please comment on this blog or on the video once it appears in the archive. Everyone have a Happy New Year and be sure to tune in Tuesday at the usual time, 5PM PST, 6PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM EST. Gary