January Classified Ads Show

  • Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, Saturday, for our monthly Classified Ads Show. Ski & I will be on hand to discuss items listed for sale in the Classifieds. We've selected about 12 listings to highlight & would be happy to include in the discussion any items that any of our members are interested in. Just send me a message before the show, and we'll include the item you'd like to have highlighted. The Classifieds continue to augment my own sales in the mall--I think that about 25% of my sales now are driven by my Classified Ads. Writing good complete descriptions and having good photos are keys to success. Ski & I always discuss the presentation of the things listed for sale, as well as the attributes of the pieces. Hope to see everyone on Saturday at 10AM PST, 11AM MST, Noon CST, 1PM EST. We're on the second Saturday of every month.  Gary