Restoring Historic Buildings

  • I once spent 7 years restoring an historic house in Florida. It was a project intended to take 3 years at most, but guess what happened? One of the lessons I learned was that you need to budget at least twice as much in money & time as your wildest upper end guesstimate. In reality, though, it was one of the most interesting & rewarding enterprises I ever took on. In Tuesday's show we'll discuss the ins and outs of restoring historic properties: identifying worthwhile projects, securing title, examining zoning & other restrictions (flood plain, etc.), working with local planning departments, researching old documents to facilitate accurate restoration, interior restoration to complement exterior work, hiring appropriate contractors, listing the property on local and state preservation registers, listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and publicizing the property once the restoration is complete. Please join us in the chat room tomorrow, Tuesday, at the usual time, 5PM PST, 6PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM EST. Gary