Building a Collection in Today's World

  • The classic way of building a collection has been to buy items as you found them, as long as their condition & rarity allowed you the opportunity of selling them when you found a better example. For example, you might buy a Grade 5 comic book or a late 19th century Sevres vase, and then when you found the same comic in a Grade 8 or an early 19th century Sevres vase, you could sell the first piece, usually at a profit or at least breakeven, & then buy the better example. You've probably noticed that that strategy doesn't work anymore because the value of Grade 5 comics & late 19th century Sevres has declined dramatically over the years & now almost nobody wants the mediocre pieces. Meanwhile, the top examples have soared in value. I can see no reason why these trends won't remain in place. But there is a way out. You'll have to tune in to Tuesday's show to find out how to navigate your way in this new paradigm. We'll look at several categories and try to devise a strategy that makes sense in today's world, and we'll look at a category or 2 where less than great is still collectible. Hope everyone can join us in the chat room at the usual time, Tuesday at 5 PM PST, 6 PM MST, 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST. Gary