Roycroft Copper

  • Several weeks ago I did a show entitled, "Building a Collection in Today's World," in which I argued that collectors needed to move up the value chain to survive. Then in last week's show I highlighted a category that I felt offered opportunities to collect less than great examples, "Tiffany Sterling Silver." In this week's show I'll again highlight a category that I think you can enter without having to lay out a lot of money to start--Roycroft hammered copper. Great examples of Arts & Crafts pieces, whether furniture, lamps, pottery, or metals, continue to do very well, and there's really no reason to suspect that Gustav Stickley or Dirk Van Erp work will decline in value, but generally those pieces are fairly expensive. Less expensive, but also worthy of collecting I think are the items produced by the Roycrofters in East Aurora, NY prior to 1938. So, in Tuesday's chat we'll discuss what to look for in Roycroft copper--what determines the huge variation in prices for the same size & shaped item, how to identify true collectible vintage Roycroft, how to spot fakes, how to care for the pieces, etc. Also, just as we saw last week with Tiffany sterling, having a good understanding of the category allows a buyer to acquire good pieces that can fly under the radar screen even on ebay. I think that we'll see that this also applies to Roycroft copper. Hope everyone can join us in the chat room or online (just click the Connect button) at the usual time Tuesday, 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Gary