The Color of Antiques & Collectibles

  • In last week's show I commented that with Roycroft hammered copper items, everything else being equal, "the browner the better." Would you rather own a Teco or Grueby vase in green or in some other color? If brown's so great, why has the value of antique "brown furniture" been declining?  I've got this railroad lantern with original red glass--is that better than clear glass? One of the Persian carpets I just listed for sale in the Classifieds has green in it--is that good? Why can I sell a Victorian sofa upholstered in red at a higher price & quicker than if it was upholstered in any other color? In Tuesday's show we'll consider how color theory from Owen Jones to the Color Field artists of the late 1950's, to the interior designers of today have attempted to define & set our values in color. How do you see color? When you look at a painting what do you see first--the image, the artist's signature, the color? What about matching colors--do they match or not, and does it matter? I think that if we can bridge this gap between art & antiques, we'll have a leg up on collectors/dealers that are color blind ( I think that about 99% are almost entirely oblivious to color.) I'll give you a test during the show to evaluate how you take in color. Please join us by clicking the Connect button at the usual time, Tuesday at 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Gary