Recent Auction Results

  • In Tuesday evening's show we'll analyze recent prices for art & antiques at auction houses ranging from the well-known names in New York, Paris & London to regional houses throughout the U.S. It's been a year & a half since we examined prices at auction, and believe me, current results indicate some trends in place 1-1/2 years ago have reversed & some have gained further traction. We'll select several categories, 10 or 12 houses, and compare their results against their pre-sale auction estimates & against comps from 1-1/2 & 5 yrs ago. If you would like to look at any particular category, say Arts & Crafts Ceramics or Toys or anything else, pls send me a message before the show, & we'll include your selection. I basically live by charting price trends in this way--maybe I can convert you! Pls tune in at the usual time, Tuesday, at 5PM PDT, 6 PM MDT, 7 PM CDT, 8 PM EDT. Gary